Terms and Conditions

  1. Customers may cancel their subscription at any time in writing. Please email your cancellation request to You will receive a written reply from RWB Indicating that your request has been received.
  2. Monthly customers will be canceled within 60 days of their request. Bi-Monthly customers will be canceled within 120 days of their request. Annual customers must cancel within 60 days of their renewal date.
  3. You will receive one free warning for missing service. Afterwards you will be charged a $20/can fee.
  4. There will be an additional $10/per can charge if we cannot clean a bin bin due to garbage being present.
  5. All services require a minimum of 2 cans worth of payment.
  6. Anybody who signs up for a recurring service must continue service for at least 3 months. Canceling prior will result in a full charge encompassing the amount of remaining cleans needed to reach 3 months.
  7. We only accept card payments either over the phone or through our secure client portal. No checks or cash.
  8. We will not clean cracked bins and if left out you will still be charged for the bin(s).
  9. Cancellations must be made with a minimum of 3 days notice or you will be held accountable for the price of the entire visit. 
  10. All invoices have 30 days to be paid or they will be sent to collections.